The Westwinds Brass Band is an outgrowth of the Lubbock Municipal Band, founded in 1961 by Dean Killion, who then was the Director of Bands at Texas Tech University. The city band performed summer concerts in Lubbock until 1986, when Killion and Dick Tolley, professor of trumpet at Texas Tech began to experiment with an all brass band. Tolley conducted such a band at Tech, and both directors believed the brass band would be well suited for outside performances in West Texas.

The directors chose to pattern the band after the famous British Brass Bands, which include instruments of a conical bore that produce a round, mellow sound. In the traditional brass band, cornets are used instead of trumpets, and alto horns are used instead of French horns. In addition there are both baritone and euphonium parts as well as Bb & Eb tubas parts. The current Westwinds Band is still patterned somewhat upon this British Band pattern; however, trumpets are allowed and the instrumentation has been expanded somewhat to allow for additional brass players to perform in the band.

Dick Tolley retired from Texas Tech from Texas Tech in 1991, and Dean Killion remained as the conductor of the Westwinds Brass Band until his death in 1997. The directorship of the band was assumed by Phil Anthony in the summer of 1997.

The band is incorporated as a non-profit organization with a Board of Directors. The band is all-volunteer, and none of the members or director are paid. Income is derived solely from donations and grants.